Quality, simplicity, proactivity

Engage with a multi-faceted company specializing in digital transformation in organizations large and small. Any true digital transformation starts with the people and not the technology. We give life to your project with breeze. You are in the hand of a project manager, experienced web developper, concerned about security, quality and long term life-cycle.

Access corporate experience without the hassle

I have 17 years experience working directly or indirectly with Fortune 500’s companies, applying rigorous methodology, bringing structure to SMB, independant business, association and public institutions.

I have a strong passion for leveraging the benefits of large enterprises by integrating modern tools and methodologies to local and small business.

Your are unique

Are you seeking to promote in the digital era, be it your unique business, service or product? Your project deserves the same attention, loyalty and obsession that you bring to your customers.

I aim to couple strengths from your history with digital innovation & omnichannel customer obsession to your future success.

There is no reason you should be left alone struggling with the complexity of creating a digital presence.


Maurice Kaag
Rue de la Riaz 19
1026 Echandens, Suisse